Enochian | Language of the Angels



It’s essential to have a solid foundation emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to work with Enochian. The intention needs to be exclusively on becoming conscious. The idea that Angels will ‘fix’ your life is flawed, there is an order in the Universe and it is therefore vital to respect that, be humble, accept this moment as it is and be present.

Fundamental to living is being present. This is difficult when the conditioned mind is continuously and relentlessly dragging our attention into the past and the future. Identification to the thinking mind is diminishing and complete identification dangerous. Much, if not all, of the madness in the World today is caused by the identification to the mind and the idea of separation. Switch on the news and it’s all there, and if humanity manages to survive the next 100 years this will probably be a time referred to in history books as the ‘Insane Period’.



Identification to the thinking mind is diminishing and complete identification dangerous.


So before going any further make sure you at least understand that you the watcher of  the mind and not the content of it. If this is still confusing there is a beautiful book by Eckhart Tolle, ‘The Power Of Now’, If this book doesn’t make any sense to you then please wait until it does before trying to understand the Enochian approach. Your primary purpose in life is be conscious. That means being able to be in the present moment without the distraction and influence of your thoughts and emotional reactions.


Practice presence each and every moment. Support this intention by sitting quietly while bringing your full attention to your breathing. Listen to the sounds around you, relax accept this moment as it is, free from judging or labelling what is happening. Let thoughts drift while refraining from getting *hooked* but heir content. Just listen and breath.

There is a beautiful sound file that has been especially created to support the intention to be present and connected. This can be downloaded for free.

The Enochian Foundation Meditation

This can be found in Enochian Foundation Meditation booklet freely available from the downloads page. The Foundation Meditation is the first and most important step in exploring the Enochian system as it grounds and prepares the practitioner for going deeper in the Now. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once the Foundation Meditation has been learned and practiced for around three months it is most likely that the next steps will be clear to you.