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The Big Question


The Big Question

The fundamental existential questions in life are

‘Who am I ?’,
‘Where do I come from?’,
‘Why am I here?’,
‘Where am I going?’.

This site is dedicated to those courageous souls who are willing to experience themselves without the barriers of the mind, ego and a sense of being separate.

The answers to these questions can never come as written words and pictures. Each and every one of us must experience the answers directly. Our history is full of the reflections of such explorations with mystics and meditators trying to point the way for others to follow. It it requires a personal hunger, passion and curiosity to spark the journey and reveal your own Truth.

Be curious, be open and let the desire to know be in your every breath. Become enflamed with prayer.

Collectively we know so little about Consciousness, God, Existence and yet, with a bit of effort, there is so much we can open within ourselves to reveal our deeper nature, nirvana, enlightenment. Don’t make the mistake that this fullness will come from the outside. The most miserable people on this planet are the ones who have sacrificed their time and energy for money and a superficial power. They soon realise that the content of their life experience does not satisfy the spirit.

The focus of our intention – the inner tension – needs to be completely focused on our internal experience.

This means a constant watchfulness, relaxed without judging and accepting the moment as it is right now. Emotions, the moods, events all is included in the practice of observation as this is most important, essential is being rooted in the observer, the watcher … who am I? I am consciousness.

Most of us will will at some time have a spiritual experience and see it as something miraculous. When in fact, it is our nature. It is as if we are waves on the ocean but are identified to the waves and all the other waves around, not realising the vast ocean to which we are connected, from where we came, our source.

By realising the nature of who we are life will shower it’s gifts, fear will melt and the outside will reflect your own inner beauty and truth. A harmony will arise that gels our experience of Spiritual Beings enjoying a human existence.

Enochian is a means to explore consciousness. Angels are the aspects of consciousness, whether we are aware or not, they are deeply integrated into our lives. Enochian mediations are a way to provide the means to explore this fascinating aspect of ourselves.