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This section is here to collect relevant and interesting links to to material that supports the unravelling of this mysterious and wonderful universe. To explore the nature of Angels and human consciousness from an empirical and scientific point of view.

What the Bleep,… down the Rabbit hole

In 2006 a group of Scientists got together to share their understanding on the four basic questions we all share. Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Drawing from recent scientific discoveries in the fields of Quantum Physics, this movie provokes some compulsive new thinking into how consciousness can be understood and revealing our potential as powerful creators of our reality. Below is a cute cartoon to explain.

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What the Bleep…

The 4th Dimension

Opening ourselves to the possibility that there is more to our being than the 3 dimensions we are used to is the first step to experiencing the 4th. Our bodies allow us to see and hear through our eyes and ears while our brain translates that information into sound and vision. For example, we can hear between the frequencies of 20Hz to 20KHz but frequencies beyond this range exist. Science has discovered that matter is not solid and is in fact mostly empty space. It would seem that we are all simply vibrating frequencies.

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