Enochian | Language of the Angels



To learn anything takes practice and a determination to persist and over come the early challenges. Learning a musical instrument can take years and a life time to master. The study and practice of Enochian is no different.  You can choose to use it as a stepping stone to find your own understandings and experience of consciousness, remembering that it is a door. Your own awareness and presence in the Now is ultimately your primarary and only meaningful intention.

The goal is more than just calling an Angel, it’s about become fully conscious so it’s important to know what feels right for you at this moment. Many gifted meditators are able to simply sit in meditation and intuitively connect to a higher intelligence, even the Angelic guides of others. Try simply sitting in meditation and asking to communicate with your Guardian Angel. See what happens.

The purpose of this website is to provide a simple way to open the doors to the Enochian world. It’s an invitation to those who are looking to expand their understanding and awareness. It is a vast subject and here is just the beginning. The Enochian Foundation Meditation is described in a free download and takes about 5 minutes to practice. In my experience once this Meditation has been practiced on a daily basis, usually for about 3 months, the next steps will be more than clear.

There has been many books written on the subject of Enochian and a small reading list can be found in the Source Material section.